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  • Larissa Batharda

    Larissa is Dennel Batharda's sister, an accomplished thief. Unbeknownst to each other, she and her brother both hired the PC's to raid their deceased father's …

  • Protector Ulthul

    Protector Ulthul, Adorned of the Holy Warriors of Suffering, is a paladin of Ilmater, the Crying God. After losing his entire family to the Red Death (a plague that ravaged the Cormyrian countryside some years ago). Ulthul vowed to never again allow …

  • Anward Goldreach

    Grouchy, and not the PC's biggest fan - especially after the attack by Dennel Batharda cost Goldreach the lives of three of his crew.

  • Phineas Muddey

    Bard in Harrowdale. A self-styled ladies man, his advances got him into trouble when he fell under the charms of an evil druidess who sought to awaken a terrible evil in the Velarwood.

  • Kane Blackwood

    Kane is a scoundrel sea-dog who makes his living sailing the Sea of Fallen Stars and delivering all sorts of (often questionable) cargo...

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