Protector Ulthul

Paladin of Ilmater


Protector Ulthul, Adorned of the Holy Warriors of Suffering, is a paladin of Ilmater, the Crying God.

After losing his entire family to the Red Death (a plague that ravaged the Cormyrian countryside some years ago). Ulthul vowed to never again allow the evils of plague to sweep through civilized lands. To this noble, if unrealistic, end, he dedicated his life to the service of Ilmater.

He first met the PC’s while saving them from pursuing orcs near Khundrukar. Later, a bard named Phineas Muddey, during an Oghma-sponsored Bardic competition, unconsciously delivered a divinely-inspired message to the PC’s. The message seemed to be a prophecy and request for aid from Ilmater himself, concerning the future fate of Ulthul during his upcoming trip to Scardale.

Ulthul’s almost fanatical devotion to stopping the Shaking Plague of Scardale has caused him to undertake actions considered questionable by his Order.

Protector Ulthul

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